• Image of Building 519

Building 519, and other Pfizer Tales, presents a narrative based around the impenetrable Building 519 - at the sprawling former Pfizer pharmaceutical complex just outside Sandwich - coupled with the journey to uncover future remains of its secret garden.

"Drink up for the pink present! Lurid, glistening, alive, she’s trying to get to where the pink stops. The scale of it jerks her from suffocation to agoraphobia. A pulsating scape without landmarks, it’s eating her up, leaving her an undefended speck on its massive pink universe. She can’t find any cold at the other end of feverish. She can’t find anything. No one else exists here and there’s no exit. They can’t leave it like this, they have to take responsibility for the Tetracycline (Tetracyn™) haunts. When they said the pink stuff would make it better, they didn’t mention the nightmare of now. She thought future; they meant present.”

The work explores how it might be possible to in some way record the echoes of previous lives of a building to take it through to a possible new incarnation, (re)constructed from people’s memories and stories, real and imagined. Sources include interview material, archives, press cuttings, historical accounts and site documentation.

The book was accompanied by an audio work, presented at Whitstable Biennale 2014.

Softcover, 15cm x 10cm, 40 pages
Price £8.00
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