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Lost is an inventory of missing things, which renowned artist Simon Faithfull has mislaid over a period of 39 years. A simple but extensive inventory, Lost is a book that catalogues these objects and the strange, sometimes poignant and sometimes humorous stories of their individual departures.

“Leaning out of a boat I forget that my mobile phone is in my top pocket. The angle of the phone’s fall changes as it breaks the surface of the canal – its vertical plunge flattening to become a shallow dive away from the boat. As it enters the oily water, the backlit display illuminates and I watch the glowing buttons getting dimmer as they glide deeper into the green.

Later I discover that I can still call my number and imagine the phone ringing amongst the detritus in the nighttime of the mud. I change my message. ‘You’ve reached my mobile phone, currently sitting at the bottom of the Regent’s canal – please don’t leave a message here’.“

Lost was deliberately left around the town of Whitstable, as part of Whitstable Biennale 2006. The publication appeared each day on benches, in pubs, by the seashore and on the various forms of public transport that were leaving the area.

These original 500 copies of Lost were individually numbered and finders were encouraged to record their discovery on a website before releasing the book back into the world. To see the surprisingly global paths that this first release of books made, please visit www.simonfaithfull.org/lost

Lost is co-published by the Berlin imprint, Laconic.
Hardcover, 17cm x 23cm, 56 pages

ISBN 3-00-018660-3

Price £15.00
P&P £3.00