• Image of Presto

Chapter 5 of Matthew Herbert's The Music, printed in 2016, prior to release of the Novel, to accompany Herbert's Hear What You Eat event for Whitstable Biennale.

The Music is an album in written form; Matthew Herbert's 'manifesto for sound'. Each chapter is represents an album track, describing, with limitless imagination and flowing prose, which sounds should be used each track and how they might be organised. Herbert proposes a music in which sounds are derived not from individual instruments, but from the world around us. Throughout the album he also proposes potential listeners and their positions in the world, making this a strikingly political work - no sound is without a cause or consequence.

Presto, chapter (or track) five of the book, is a orchestra of food sounds:

"Softly now: the bubbling of fish tanks; inside, lobsters with their claws held shut with elastic bands, a vast vat of of oil coming to temperature in a factory recorded with a hydrophone inside; still quietly, a huge container ship slowly turns up its engines ready to leave, a kettle backstage at a crematorium boils and can't turn itself off."

135 mm w x 190 mm h x 2 mm d

Limited Edition of 200
Editor: Isobel Frankish
Design: An Endless Supply
Printed by: Rope Press